Welcome Residents

This page is dedicated to residents based at Social Housing contracts where we are operating as the incumbent contractors. Please find information below, regarding any works that may be taking place on your property with the additional, appropriate enquiry / helpline contact details should you have any concerns.

Working in Your Home 

We dedicate our time to ensuring that customer expectations are exceeded. The below guidelines are in place to ensure this satisfaction level is achieved during works that involve residents. 

Before Work Starts 

Prior to commencement of any on-site works, George Jones' operatives will visit and survey all properties to assess what repairs, if any, are required to bring your home up to the required standards set out by your housing providers. Before works commence, George Jones will write to you, detailing the work we will be doing on your home and a proposed start date. If this date is inconvenient for you, please let us know via our Customer Helpdesk. 

If you have any special requirements we should be aware of, please let us know - we want to tailor the work to cause you as little inconvenience as possible. 

Please note; that at no stage will we ask you to pay for anything as we are paid directly by your landlord, nor will we approach you to do extra work for a fee. Additionally, all properties are distinct, therefore works in your area may differ between properties.

During Works

The first thing we will do is to introduce ourselves to you & show our ID badge, as proof of who we are and acquaint ourselves with our new surroundings along with an informal introduction. We will explain exactly what we are going to do surrounding your residence and how long it will take. If the work to your home is external, there will not be any need for us to enter your home. Although, we will need you to be in if we do jobs like replacing or painting doors. However, where new doors or repairs are required, we will complete these prior to painting. 

George Jones' operatives will aim to protect your belongings during the work process by covering the area with dustsheets and thoroughly clean up and remove any debris at the end of each day. We will not start any replacement unless it can be completed within the day. At no time will you be left with your home unprotected, open to the elements and we will not leave ladders or mobile towers up overnight.

If at any time you have any concerns about what we are doing, please call our Customer Helpdesk on 0800 288 9805, email us at enquiries@georgejones.org.uk or tweet us and we will respond. The helpdesk is manned during office hours, but you may leave a message anytime.

After We Finish

George Jones do not consider any works to be complete, until you are completely satisfied. We will adhere to return all items that we have had to move, in order to complete the work. Our foreman will call and check the works, it's quality, any issues and will ensure that where fitted, you can operate any new doors or windows.

Once you are happy with the works, we will leave you a satisfaction form to complete. We hope that you will take the time to record your opinion of the work we have done and send it back in the Freepost envelope provided. This allows us to monitor our performance on site and improve the service we offer to our customers. Whilst we have full confidence in the quality of work which we produce, should you have any concerns after we have left, please call our Helpdesk and we will happily arrange a return visit to rectify any issues.

Enquiries and Help

For all enquires please contact Our Customer Help desk on our free phone number 0800 288 9805 or email us at customerhelp@georgejones.org.uk.

For Bilingual or Brail brochures/general correspondence or information please contact Our Customer Help desk on our free phone number 0800 288 9805.

Satisfaction Results

Current George Jones customer satisfaction levels are at 99%

If you did not receive a Right First Time service, we pride ourselves on putting any faults right and trust you will be completely satisfied with the completed work

However, if you have any further issues you wish to discuss with us, please call us free on 0800 288 9805.